Saturday 14 Nov 09:30

Global Day of Code Retreat



LEVEL: Intermediate

Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group

welcomes you to the Global Day of Code Retreat 2015 - A day to celebrate passion and software craftsmanship.

We will start with breakfast and introductions at 9:30am. The first session starts at 10:00am. Lunch break will be at 1:00pm. To make sure we have plenty of time to socialise and talk we will not start the afternoon sessions until 2:30pm. Expect to finish at about 6:00pm.

A code retreat is a day where we focus on the internal quality of code, not on solving the problem. You will work with a simple problem, Conways Game of Life, and pair with different partners throughout the day. After each session you get the joy of throwing your code away and starting from scratch. We will add restrictions as the day goes on to force you to try different approaches.

This event will be facilitated by Steven Baker. Steven has recently relocated to the region from Canada, and has been developing software for nearly all of his life. He has been an active participant in the agile and testing communities, and has shipped software in over a dozen languages.

The Global Day means that you will be doing this not just with the people at this event, but also with people around the world. There are session in some 150 different sites globally, covering every time zone.

For more information about the Global Day please visit:

For more information about Code retreats please visit:

Each participant should, ideally, bring their own laptop. If you cannot bring a laptop I'm sure there will be enough to go around. But to ensure there are enough computers it is important that everyone who can brings one. Each computer will need a fully functional development environment. The day is language agnostic but please choose a language and environment you feel comfortable with. If you want to learn more about a language you are not comfortable with you are free to partner with someone who is.

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