Tuesday 27 Oct 17:30

The unknowing nemesis of IT Security - The user

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

Mr Robot

(or - MR. ROBOT in real life)

Today many companies and organizations spend millions on IT security, locking down assets with stronger and stronger encryption, installing even more restrictive firewalls and enforcing complex security policies. However, the greatest weakness in IT security is more often than not overlooked - the everyday user. The art of exploiting this weakness is called Social Engineering.

Social Engineering plays on all the elements that make us humans and can easily penetrate the most robust IT security setup. Discover why penetration testers and malicious hackers sees us, the users, as the most potential attack surface. Niclas will go though the techniques used, the ideas behind Social Engineering and discuss tools that could help mitigating this threat. Take a journey through phishing, tailgating, dumpster diving and the human psychology.


Niclas Kjellin, System Architect & Certified Ethical Hacker, AppByrån by Sigma


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