Thursday 22 Oct 17:00

The transformational IT and it's effects.



LEVEL: Intermediate

This is a special evening together with The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA)

We will begin with meet and greet. First presentation starts at 17.15. There will be a break after two presentations with something lighter to eat and drink.



Malmö is turning into a very startup-friendly city with several startup-hotspots and multiple serial entrepreneurs returning to the city. With a new accelerator program, co-hosted by several parties, the ambition is to reach an international audience and turn the Malmö Startup scene truly international.

Speaker: Mårten Öbrink, CEO at Minc has been an entrepreneur since the late 90:s. He learned much more from the two that crashed than from the two that went public.


Peter is going to talk about the mechanics and driving forces behind building engaged communities and the value proposition for different stakeholders of crowdsourcing massive data. Mapillary is both building a viable business on top of crowdsourced data and making the public space digitally accessible for everyone.

Speaker: Peter Neubauer, co-founder of Mapillary and serial entrepreneur.

Manage distributed teams

Normally people like to talk, or rather argue, about how to manage remote development teams. The first mistake in this discussion is the focus on the word 'management'. The mere fact that they are remote already implies a certain loss of control. And the harder you try to regain control, the less control you may actually have. Forty years ago "The Mythical Man-Month" debunked the idea that throwing people at a problem will help, and yet we still see that kind of thinking with remote development. Successful companies these days usually have successful managers who focus both on removing barriers to performance in their direct reports, as well as giving their own managers the illusion that they have the control they desire. In Neo4j we have taken this further with a company culture that understands and respects the loss of control necessary to deliver the highest quality products in the shortest time.

Speaker: Craig Taverner is an open source software developer, technology enthusiast and entrepreneur. For the last two decades he has been working in telecoms startups, managing remote development teams in Europe and Asia.

Working with and Building business with Open source

The world has accepted Open source and even .net is now an open source project. This talk is going to dig a bit deeper on how Open Source actually differs from proprietary software and how new business models arise when working with Open Source code.

Speaker: Jens Grip,is CEO and co-founder of Odd Hill, a digital production agency in Malmö.

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