Tuesday 20 Oct 11:30

Recruiting with AI

LEDA today


LEVEL: Intermediate

- A new tool for leaders in the digital era

Tools for recruiting are changing and the use of AI as a base for these tools is increasing.

Recualizer is one of these tools and is developed by a startup in Malmö.

The test i a projective psychological testing technique. It is an intelligent system that analyses the drawings and gives back the personality.

Examples of what people did, and what feedback they shared will be presented.

You will be guided through the tool so you’ll be able to test the tool at home.

Presenters as well as the founders are:

Aigerim (Aika) Murzabulatova Studied Artificial Intelligence in the UK and has over 6 years experience in project management, leading various project in "smart city" development and European Commission ICT projects.

She is specialized in in the mapping of human brain perception, intelligent systems and psychology.

Arman Murzabulatov studied computer science in the UK and also has a Master in Project Management and Operational Development from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Arman has over 6 years of working experience in technology, IT, smart city solutions, and telecom fraud management and revenue assurance. His expertise is in complex algorithms and building stable IT systems.

The presentation is about 30 min. starting at 1145, and for those who wish, followed by discussion and lunch at MECK @self-cost.

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