Monday 23 Nov 17:15

Big Data



LEVEL: Intermediate


Data Science is an interdisciplinary field dealing with processes and systems in order to extract and discover knowledge or insights from large volumes of data in various forms, structured or unstructured.

Recently, several actors in the business, industrial and public sectors are starting to develop new approaches and technologies to deal with big data sets for better understanding large scale world problems. Health care, transportation, marketing, business decision making and energy efficiency are just some areas of application in which interesting big data techniques and solutions are emerging.

In this Think Tank, let us focus on the various aspects of data science in general and on real-time analytics in particular.

In the data science part, the discussion will cover some of the recent approaches to solve Big Data related problems.

In the real-time analytics part, we will discuss current trends, including applications areas such as intelligent marketing and smart transportation to provide some new insights as well as to identify related research challenges.

As a specific case, we will briefly discuss the main ideas behind a recent research project proposal on Real-time analytics embedded solutions for improving various processes in the agricultural sector. These efforts are part of the Indian-Swedish collaboration program supported by Vinnova and the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.


Dr. Juwel Rana

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