Tuesday 17 Nov 17:30

How to effortlessly rise to your highest productivity in less than 60 minutes

Flow Workshop


LEVEL: Intermediate

In this workshop, you'll get to learn four of DK's favorite rapid-fire exercises (15 minutes each) to jump start your productivity. We'll walk you through how you can use these anytime, anywhere to find flow, either in familiar contexts or outside of your usual bounds. This is an interactive program, so come ready to experience trying these methods out on the evening of the workshop.


Speaker: Workshop facilitator Dipika Kohli is a co-founder of Design Kompany. Since opening in 2005, DK has designed workshops for software developers, architects and other process-oriented entrepreneurs to communicate their ideas, and to grow through new ways of thinking about the work they do and why it matters. Watch DK's TEDx Raleigh talk, 'There's Not That Much Time Left' here[1]. Also find DK online at designkompany.com or connect on twitter (@designkompany) or facebook.com/DesignKompany.

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