Tuesday 08 Dec 18:00

Internet of Things that really matter

IoT Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

The forth Meet-up for IoT Malmö and Skåne region this fall. We are working on the agenda and we will soon post it here.

18:00 Doors open, mingle, grab some drinks

Speaker 1 (The Professional)

Mats Andersson - Senior Director Technology, u-blox

Internet of Things that really matter

For business critical IoT applications in vehicles, the city and the industry, the solution has to satisfy tough requirements placed on security, robustness, ecosystem, and long-term availability. The inherent value of data in industrial, automotive, infrastructure applications is very high and therefore connectivity devices and networks have to be designed with security and robustness in mind. We also present how time and position can give higher value to the sensor data collected.

19:00 Break with drinks and something to eat

Speaker 2 (The Professional; Technical Implementation)

Petter Bjelm - UX Designer at Bluemix Garage

The Node-RED project.

Born at IBM's Emerging Technologies labs, released and developed as Open Source on GitHub under the Apache 2 license, Node-RED is a visual tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. In short: a flow editor for the Internet of Things.

Petter will expand briefly on the history, implementations and do a live (and expanded) Node-RED demo.

Speaker 2.5 (Show & Tell)


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