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Ö an AngularJS case study

AngularJS Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

Sasha from Cenito Software was during 2015 part of a team that build the new A fully featured AngularJS Single Page App with multilingual solutions, Drupal 8 as CMS with REST Api. Goal was fast, mobile accessible website and customer features. This MeetUp will give a quick overview of how we did it, what problems we had and how we solve them.

Topics we will mention are.

* AngularJS performance

(app cache, bundle, number of requests, minimizing code, routing, components, API calls, REST)

* Backend, security and performance

(NodeJS, BankId, cache, REST)

* Content

(Multilingual, Drupal 8 REST, interface translations, performance, SEO)


At Cenito we strive to create applications that both look good and function well in order to build the complete product experience. Like anyone we try things out, and those things doesn’t always pan out to be perfect at first.

We make mistakes; but it is by learning from these mistakes and fixing them that we create reliable and secure applications with a wow-effect for our end user.


Sasha Vincic is a a Digital Viking at Cenito who spends many hours of his developing AngularJS applications.

Patrick Persson is a Badass Developer at Cenito who is fluent in AngularJS and has had held presentations at FooCafe before.

At Cenito they have the perfect ground for testing and experimenting with new ideas and code.



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