Wednesday 27 Jan 17:30

Create teams that will make your business fly

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We will begin with meet and greet at 17.30 - Presentation starts at 17.45. We will have a break with pizza and beverage at 18.30


Effective and passionate teams are the essence of a successful business. This talk will teach you how to inspire and motivate teams to increases their productivity, wellbeing and creativity. Don´t miss out on the journey we, the user experience team at Qlik did. This improved our ways of LEARNING, SHARING and GETTING INSPIRED.


Dawid Ziobro is a UX Interaction designer at Qlik user experience team. Past the last 8 years he has designed music and social applications enjoyed by millions of people. The experience of working with Google and Sony has taught him the value of crafting passionate and creative teams.


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