Thursday 11 Feb 17:30

Writing for NodeJS and deploy on Heroku



LEVEL: Intermediate


MalmöJS is a monthly meet-up for front-end web developer passionates who are pleased to share knowledge, problems and ideas with each other.

Arguments drifts around the HTML5 environment with a pitch on Web App development in Javascript and rich page design with CSS.

Tonight's Program

Tonight we will have two presentations in one — the first part will be about writing applications in NodeJS and the second part will be about deploying and running applications in the Heroku cloud.

The application will be a standard web application using ExpressJS to handle routing and PostgreSQL as a database to store persistent information that is being received from Twilio using a web hook. Great stuff if you want to learn more about running javascript server-side.

During the second part the developed application will be added to source control and deployed to Heroku. We will be looking at adding add-ons, how to do logging and how to scale our application.

After the session you will get access to all the source code and other materials used during the presentation so that you can continue experimenting on your own.

Tonight's Speaker

Martin Haagen is the founder and principal consultant at 4front AB where he works helping clients with and related technology.

Come tonight and bring your colleagues along as this is an open event in which every profession (web/IT related of course) is welcome!

We will begin at 17.30 with meet and greet. The program starts at 17.45 - we will have break with something lighter to eat and drink at 18.30-ish.

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