Tuesday 03 Apr 17:30

What I learned from building a twitter Art Bot



Malmö.rb is a group of Ruby enthusiasts from sunny Malmö in Sweden.
We meet about monthly to talk about Ruby, programming, and learn from each other. Visit http://malmorb.se/ to know more. 

What I learned from building a twitter Art Bot

Rijksbot, is a twitter bot built with Ruby that responds with images from the Rijksmuseums’ API. This talk covers some of the highs and lows of building it.

Nynne Just Christoffersen

I'm a Ruby developer at Karnov Group in Copenhagen. I have a bachelors degree in European Ethnology from the University of Copenhagen and a masters degree in Decorative Arts Design History Material Culture from Bard Graduate Center in New York. Most recently, I have been working as a researcher in the art history department at Humboldt University in Berlin. I have worked with software in different capacities for last couple of years; as a developer, coach and supervisor in startups and nonprofit organisations.


17.30-17.45 – Meet & Greet

17.45-18.30 – Nynne Christoffersen "What I learned from building a twitter Art Bot"

18.30-19.00 - Break with pizza

19.00-20:00 - Discussions/ 2nd presentation

Tags api Ruby art bot Gem

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