Tuesday 27 Mar 17:30

Hacking – a forensics specialist’s point-of-view



Hacking – from a digital forensics specialist’s point-of-view

In October of 2016 the Police made several arrests in what media later called a record-breaking computer intrusion case. After months of hard work from the Police and other parties the investigation was handed over to the prosecutors and then the court. Finally in September of 2017 eight people were indicted on charges of fraud, money laundering and hacking.

During the seminar you will get unique insights into the investigation. We will talk about the modus operandi of the suspects? What kind of evidence was available on the suspects seized items? And most importantly, what evidence was provided by the plaintiffs?

Speaker Stjepan Siljac is a digital forensics specialist with the Swedish Police authority. He worked with the case more or less from day one. On a daily basis he works on all types of criminal cases that involve some kind of electronic evidence.


17:30 – 17:45 – Mingle

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18:45 – 19:30 Presentation continued and Q/A

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