Wednesday 29 Aug 17:30

Android & iOS, an introduction for the app-curios

Geek Girl Meetup Öresund


LEVEL: Intermediate

Geek Girl Meetup Öresund is a network for geek girls interested in web, technology and innovation.

Apps are everywhere, and even if they aim to be magically simple and delightful to use the approach for creating them is quite mundane. We will guide you through the first setup, show the resources you need and explain the differences between Android and iPhone apps. You will see a basic app being created as well as some show-off stuff. Then we add in some talk about making a business of it and reaching the users.

We're proud of the Speakers for this Geek Girl Meetup event.

Ester Ytterbrink is a full time geek. Her professional geekdom is programming and software engineering in general, but with a focus on Cocoa Touch and ObjC in the iOS team at Jayway. She thinks that everything gets more fun by being taken serious, so her geekiness shows in almost all aspects of her life. Apple, and their products, has been a part of her daily life since 1989 and her iPhone has almost turned into an extension of her body.

Jenny Håkansson is a software engineer at Jayway working with Android development at Sony Mobile. She is passionate about the mobile industry, especially about Android, and find it exciting to follow and be part of the rapid development of smart phones.

Tina Pulko is an entrepreneur involved in a technology startup InvivoPlay, where a unique combination of technology, fun and positive psychology is used to encourage and spread positive behaviors and emotions in the society. She has a special interest in marketing strategy and marketing communications, and experience as a marketing consultant from various industries (IT, consumer goods, entertainment, non profit, tourism) and markets (Sweden, Canada, Slovenia).

Please note that this is an evening for Girls (only)

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