Friday 19 Oct 08:00

Speed dating - Find your next web developer

Breakfast event


LEVEL: Beginner

Welcome to Speed Dating

You will be able to meet your future colleague, educated by Hack Your Future at Foo Café. 

Students at Hack Your Future has gone through a six months course in web development, with following content:


- Git/GitHub

- JavaScript

- React

- NodeJS

- MySQL, Mongo DB


08.00 – A lighter Breakfast

08.15 – A Brief presentation of the Hack Your Future course

08.30 – Speed dating - meet 5 web developers during 10 minutes each

09.30 – Summary 

After registration will we follow up with questionaire on the profile you are looking for. Foo Café Partners will get the first opportunity to book date with the students, first come (in this case, register) first serve principle. If there are any slots left for other companies they will be notified 3 days before the event. 

Each company representative will be able to do 5 speed dates among our 14 examed web delevlopers.

Please register with your company email address.


Platinum Partners

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Premium Partners

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