Monday 04 Feb 17.30

How to make money with AI: tactics and lessons

Business Hackers


There is a lot of talk about AI these days, but how does someone actually go about transforming the concept from an abstract narrative into something that produces actual business results?

What are some good ways to get started with AI in an existing business?

How can we use AI to optimise already-running business processes?

How can we prove the efficacy of AI projects in terms of business value?

In this talk, Amer Mohammed will provide us with some very hands-on and actionable answers to those questions, drawing on his experience from Stena Line.

Amer Mohammed made a name for himself as CIO of Stena Line, where he established cognitive technology as a cornerstone of the company's business strategy. During his time at Stena, he implemented several AI-based projects that translated directly into increased profits and reduced costs. Currently, he is the CDO of Cap Gemini, a major consulting firm in Sweden.


17.30 - Mingle

17.45 - Talk by Amer Mohammed

18.30 - Pizza break

19.00 - Q&A session

19.30 - Wrap-up

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