Monday 15 Oct 10:00

Advanced TDD Subjects for .NET Developers - Roy Osherove

Master Class


LEVEL: Intermediate

In this 1 day Master Class we will take a look at the following subjects: The Concept of Mocks, Stubs and Fakes, Hand Written Fakes, Isolation (Mocking) Frameworks, Pros and cons of hand written vs. isolation frameworks, proxy based vs. profiler based isolation frameworks, Refactoring Techniques on legacy untestable code, using a profiler framework with legacy code (typemock), Test Hierarchies, Review of existing open source tests with DOs and DONTs


Experience in unit testing, no experience with mocks or stubs needed

Who should attend

.NET developers with experience in unit testing


Roy Osherove is one of the original ALT.NET organizers. He consults and trains teams worldwide on the gentle art of unit testing, test-driven development andhow to lead software teams. He frequently speaks at international conferences on these topics and others.

Roy is the author of the book The Art of Unit Testing, and writes about subjects such as unit testing, TDD Team Leadership and agile development on his blog is at

Roy joins in Norway this september.

Lunch, coffee, fruits and documentation is included.

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