Friday 24 May 16:00

Linked Data

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

Join us and kick off the Linked Data in Business group at our first meetup on May 24th. Don't miss this opportunity for interesting Linked Data talks and discussions together with data consumers, data publishers, developers, data miners, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Beer and snacks provided by Foo Café.



Linked Data - Evolving the Web into a Global Data Space (Anja Jentzsch)

Over the past recent years, a number of websites have started to embed structured data into HTML documents and to publish structured data based on the Linked Data principles. This trend has evolved the Web into a global data space - the Web of Data. Linked Data technologies have been adopted by an increasing number of data providers, including the US and UK governments as well as major players in the media and pharmaceutical industry, leading to the creation of a global Web of Data. In this talk Anja will give an overview of the Web of Data as well as the architecture of Linked Data applications that work on top of this data space. Afterwards, she will present the publication and consumption possibilities of Linked Data as well as the economic opportunities arising from the Web of Data.

Linked Data - Research projects and education at Malmö University (Marie Gustafsson Friberger)

This talk will present two research projects at Malmö University related to linked data, Data games and Living archives, as well as how linked data is included in our education.

The Data games project explores how games can be created using open data. Several prototypes have been created, some of which use sources available as linked data. We believe that developing such games would be made easier if more of the sources were made available as linked data.

Living Archives is a research project funded by the Swedish Research Council and run by Medea, Malmö University. The project aims to analyze and prototype how digital archives for cultural heritage can become social resources, how they can facilitate social change, create cultural awareness and collective collaboration. One strand of the project is related to open data, where we are exploring how linked data within the cultural heritage domain can be used.

Link your data with Neo4j - the pragmatic practitioners view (Peter Neubauer)

With more data than ever before produced and lost or disconnected,

both standards and systems are trying to catch up. The graph database Neo4j is a very powerful way to store, query and expose data in a pragmatic and easy way, closely related to dear developer stacks like Spring, Ruby and Node.

Peter is giving a short run through the basics of Neo4j, the Cypher query language and different ways to access connected data like JDBC, RDF and others. At least as interesting as the data are the applications. We will highlight some of the interesting ways Linked Data sources can be consumed, mashed-up and produced with Neo4j in different areas.

Linked Data thinking has become increasingly relevant for startups and companies that do data aggregation, data mining and data exposure (e.g. the INSPIRE initiative).

If you are dealing with data - make sure it's at least connected, if not Linked!

Wikidata, the free knowledge base that anyone can edit (Anja Jentzsch)

Wikidata is a project by Wikimedia Deutschland with the goal to create a data repository for Wikipedia and the world. It aims to be Wikimedia Commons for data, allowing Wikipedia editors to put factual information like the population of a city in one central database, instead of having to maintain it as text in dozens or hundreds of languages. This presentation gives an overview of the planned software architecture of Wikidata and how it ties in Wikipedia.

We want to explain how we are going to address the many technical and conceptual challenges that arise from the complexity and scale of the data. Among other things, we will describe how data records are transcluded between wikis, and how changes are recorded and propagated throughout the system. The focus of the talk will be on the data model. Wikidata tries to model knowledge diversity, not plain facts. To achieve this, information about provenance, scope and accuracy is build into the model at a very low level. Furthermore, the various APIs including the Linked Data interface to Wikidata are being presented.


Anja Jentzsch is a PhD student at the Information Systems Group at Hasso-Plattner-Institute Potsdam. She is a Linked Data enthusiast, being involved in several Linked Data projects since 2007. She is and has been working on Wikidata, DBpedia (Wikipedia as Linked Data), Silk (interlinking Linked Data sets) and LODD (Linking Open Drug Data).

Marie Gustafsson Friberger is a senior lecturer at Malmö University. Marie's research interests include linked and open data, currently in combination with games as well as cultural heritage. Previous research includes how ontologies and Semantic Web technologies can be used to support clinical communities of practice. Also, Marie is one of the teachers in the university's computer science master's program.

Peter Neubauer is co-founder of a number of popular Open Source projects such as Neo4j, OPS4J and Qi4j. He loves connecting things, writing novel prototypes and throwing together new ideas and projects around graphs and society-scale innovation.

Right now, Peter is concentrating on bringing Open Source projects into the enterprise at Neo Technology, the company behind Neo4j, the world's leading Graph Database. Also, Peter is a mentor helping startups at Startupbootcamp Copenhagen, Berlin and at Mozilla WebFD. He likes teaching programming to kids at CoderDojo Malmö and organizing events like and TEDx Öresund. If you want brainstorming - feed him a latte and you are in business.

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