Tuesday 21 May 17:30




LEVEL: Intermediate

17:00: Registration & mingle (pizza and beer)

17:30: Welcome

17:35: The Java Virtual Machine is over - long live the Polyglot Virtual Machine

More languages than Java have been implemented on top of the JVM since the very beginning in 1996. The platform independent bytecode format has always made it possible to compile anything and have it run on the JVM with the same write once/run anywhere benefits. Lately we are seeing an explosion in JVM languages. This is partly because of Java 7, which is the first giant leap in turning the JVM from a Java runtime to a true dynamic polyglot runtime. This session explains why language implementations, especially dynamic languages, are more feasible to implement on top of the JVM than ever and how the JVM can execute them with high performance. We will discuss how invokedynamic works and also, as a practical example, go into detail of the Nashorn project, Oracle's new JavaScript runtime, part of the JDK as of Java 8.

Marcus Lagergren, Oracle

Marcus works in the Java language group at Oracle in Stockholm, Sweden. He has spent almost all his professional life working on runtimes, and is most recently involved in the facilitation of efficiently implementing dynamic languages on top of the JVM.

18:30: An introduction to JavaFX on desktop and embedded

Since Oracle took over the stewardship of Java, the development of JavaFX as the official successor to Java Swing became reliable. Now that JavaFX is implemented in Java it's much easier to adopt and integrate. JavaFX is not only a framework to develop desktop applications, but could also be used on embedded hardware like the very popular Raspberry Pi or BeagleBoard xM. This session will give you a general overview of JavaFX and what you can do with it today. You will see several demos that shows the capabilities of JavaFX on the desktop as well as on the Raspberry Pi.

Gerrit Grunwald, Canoo, Germany

Gerrit has been involved in Java desktop application development for more than 8 years. His current interests include JavaFX, HTML5 and Swing, especially development of custom controls in these technologies. He is an active member of the Java community where he founded and lead the JUG Münster (Germany) and co leads the JavaFX community.

19:30: The making of CrazyFlie

The Crazyflie, a tiny quadrotor, was started in the fall 2009 as a competence development project in the Swedish consulting company Epsilon AB. The project was done during free time with component cost handled by Epsilon. The first prototype flew about 6 moths later, but it wasn't until about 6 months later, in 2010, we finally decided to send a video of the Crazyflie to Hackaday.com and that’s when things really took off. After realising there was a big interest in a tiny quadrotor such as the Crazyflie we decided to make it available as a kit that could be manufactured and sold as an open source development platform.

We will take you through our developing journey, explain the technology, problems we have run in to, open software/hardware and last but not least, a flying demo.

Arnaud Taffanel, Tobias Antonsson and Marcus Eliasson, Bitcraze AB

Arnaud, Tobias and Marcus are all embedded and open source enthusiasts. They love doing embedded hobby projects and they have developed one of worlds smallest DIY quadrotors on their spare time.


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