Friday 23 Nov 07:30

Visualising your thoughts and assumptions

Breakfast seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We start with breakfast between 07.30-08.00. Presentation starts at 08.00 and continues until 09.00.

Do successful organisations achieve their full potential or could they do better? How do you ensure that your organisation grows during an economic recession? How do you improve collaboration in your organisation or team? How do you improve collaboration in your organisation or team? We will introduce you to 5 simple tools (Post-IT level technology) that visualise thinking processes, which will help you to achieve personal and the organisations full potential.

By building on this knowledge your organisation will be better prepared to get a comparative advantage over the competition and survive economic downturns.

Don has more than 25 years of experience delivering projects in Europe, Africa and Asia, ranging from business restructuring and turnaround to delivery of e-commerce solutions.

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