Tuesday 04 Jun 17:30

Angular JS and Testing JS

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

This event is cancelled due to illness.

We will begin this evening with mingle, pizza and beer.


Presentation starts 18.00

Angular JS - Pär Sikö and Martin Gunnarsson

AngularJS is a new web framework that radically changes the way we build web apps. Angular applications are structured using the MVC pattern, which makes development and testing easier. It supports two-way bindings, directives (to extend the html), filters, and modules just to mention a few things that makes it different from many other frameworks, and it also contains a powerful, yet easy to use, dependency injection framework.

This presentation will introduce Angular and it's core concepts, it will show you how to build a simple application, and highlight best practices and some of the common mistakes that should be avoided.

Speaker; Martin Gunnarsson, Axis Communications

Great programmers are usually lousy designers, and vice versa, but Martin is one of those rare crossbreeds who can handle both. Graphics programming and GUI design suits him particularly well, but being a true perfectionist, heʼs rarely satisfied with the results of his own work. Martin comes from a Java/Swing background, but has been working almost entirely with JavaScript and Objective-C the last few years.

Speaker; Pär Sikö, Jayway

Pär is a passionate developer who's been working with client side Java for more than ten years and that is hoping for another ten years filled with challenges and new technology. Pär is a fast learner with a need to always learn more and never being satisfied, always wanting more. This is a good thing since GUI programming always ends up on pixel level where the details are of utter most importance.

Testing your JavaScript code base - Mats Bryntse

Unit testing JavaScript is still a relatively new practice for many web developers, and testing the UI of a complex Single Page Application is not trivial either. At the same time, we're putting more and more JavaScript code and logic on the client side, so testing has become more and more crucial. I will share my experiences setting up a test suite for a large JavaScript code base, both from a unit test perspective but also involving functional UI testing. I will show how we can use tools like PhantomJS to automate our testing and make our lives as frontend developers much more pleasant.

Speaker; Mats Bryntse

Passionate about all things

involving web, JavaScript, HTML5. Addicted to Sencha's web technologies (Ext JS, Sencha Touch) since 2007. Mats runs a small Swedish company called Bryntum, that makes web based Gantt chart components as well as a JavaScript unit testing tool called Siesta.

This event is fully booked.


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