Thursday 23 May 17:15

Architectures for Internet of Things



LEVEL: Intermediate

Internet initially was established as infrastructure for connecting computers. Then with the Web 2.0 era it shifted toward a platform for connecting people.

Nowadays it is becoming a platform for connecting our everyday objects thus creating the paradigm described as The Internet of Things that is commonly referred to as “the next technological revolution”.

The Internet of Things represents the unifying approach for all the resources in our world under a common infrastructure, by providing us not only with control of the things around us, but also keeping us informed of the state of the things around us.

In this talk I will provide some insights regarding these emerging trends. Furthermore I will provide some research and practice perspective for the scalable solution for different computational devices used for turning the physical objects into computational endpoints.

Moreover it will include some initial explorations in the direction of urban sensing issues using Internet of Things technologies from some current research efforts.


Arianit Kurti, PhD

Associate Professor

Linnaeus University

Faculty of Technology

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