Tuesday 27 Aug 17:00

One year anniversary w James Coplien

This is Geek night


LEVEL: Intermediate

We are celebrating our one year anniversary with a real Geek night.

17.00 - Welcome speech by Michael Tiberg

17.10 - Patterns: The New Defacto Scrum Standard by James Coplien

Scrum emerged partly from pattern foundations, as acknowledged both by the father of Scrum, Jeff Sutherland, and by the grandfather of Scrum, Ikujiru Nonaka-sensei.

Patterns are the new defacto Scrum standard. In recent years, international Scrum Leadership has been meeting about once a year to write a rationalized foundation for Scrum using Organizational Patterns as a public resource. This is the most inclusive forum for segments of the Scrum community meet and find common ground in the deep groundings of Scrum, and it is converging on a socially agreed definition while the certifying bodies have take less compelling paths. Jeff Sutherland's Scrum training now revolves around the application of seven Scrum patterns.

Using the same approach used to derive the original organizational patterns back when it all started, teams can assess themselves and their Scrum practice. Patterns provide concrete foundations that the team together can improvise and use to improve themselves and to strive for that state of hyperproductivity that modern Scrum teams are realizing and enjoying. They're a shortcut for tapping into years of insight from the top Scrum experts world-wide.

James "Cope" Coplien is the father of Organizational Patterns, is one of the founders of the Software Pattern discipline, a pioneer in practical object-oriented design in the early 1990s and is a widely consulted authority, author, and trainer in the areas of software design and organizational improvements. As one of the founders and proponents of Agile software development, one of Cope's passions is to work with the inventors of Scrum to facilitate its evolution as formalized in the Scrum Guide. He also is actively leading the work in Agile Architecture in conjunction the Scrum community. Most recently he has been working with Trygve Reenskaug to take the DCI architecture forward.

18.00 - The bar is open with free beer, snacks and mingle

Welcome to the Best After Work Ever

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