Thursday 29 Aug 17:30

Understanding Stress

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

The seminar starts at 17.30 - there will be something lighter to eat at 18.30.


This seminar and workshop is an introduction to a set of skills offered to all individuals of any profession.

Having a mental and emotional balance is vital to ensure personal well-being. Without it you can be susceptible to stress, and stress alone has been identified in many scientific studies to be a major contributing cause of illnesses; mentally, emotionally and even physically. Having skills to help the inner self helps you to be strong and positive. The first step is to be able to recognize your own emotions, and this relates to recognising emotions of others as well. This transformation can be achieved through skills learned and applied of how to handle all emotions, especially negative emotions effectively.

Having and applying these skills will be able to first understand yourself and this may assist you to achieve more.


The Aim of this seminar and workshop is to be emotionally intelligent, therefore to have a more fulfilling and balanced life!

The Objective of this seminar and workshop is to reinvent yourself by making changes in you from the inside out. The final result is a profound shift in how you handle your own emotions.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

- Identify emotional factors;

- Assess your own emotions;

- Apply and handle emotions effectively;

- Improve on personal and work life;

- Live and work better.


Lina Öberg will empower you with self realisation and appreciation that will provide emotional balance, so that you can succeed in whatever you are doing. Previously in the legal profession, and having witnessed and experienced many emotional, psychological and physical breakdowns of clients, colleagues, friends, family, and herself caused by stress and emotional upheaval, she was introduced to a very effective system and method for how to handle the mind and emotions. Thereafter she actively became a therapist, through which she has helped a lot of people to regain their focus and general happiness in life.

Her most recent program is combining training, therapy and consultancy where knowledge and skills are reinforced over a period of time. Once skills are acquired, you will zero in on the root cause of the issues that are holding you back from performing your best for yourself. These are skills, awareness and knowledge that works from the inside out.


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