Wednesday 28 Aug 17:30

A scalable approach to providing open data

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We will start with mingle, something lighter to eat and beer.

Presentation starts at 18.00


Many organizations, both public and private, struggle with how to expose data for others to reuse and mash up with other data sources. This presentation will show how this can be accomplished using a feed-based approach, where data is essentially presented as data dumps using the AtomPub protocol, with various options for the format, including CSV, JSON and RDF-XML. This enables highly scalable, highly available services to be built on top of this data, and which is combined with other open or proprietary data sources. This would be impossible if the data had instead been exposed using a search API.

Speaker Rickard Öberg

Rickard has worked on several OpenSource projects that involve J2EE development, such as JBoss, XDoclet and WebWork (now Struts2). He has also been the principal architect of the SiteVision CMS/portal platform, where he used AOP as the foundation. Now he works for Neo Technology, building the leading graph database Neo4j.

This event is organized by Linked data in business.


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