Tuesday 17 Sep 17:00

JavaOne special



LEVEL: Intermediate


17:00 Pizza, öl och mingel

17:30 From the Spring Framework to Java EE 7

Building enterprise applications with the Spring Framework has been more or less the industry standard for several years. The introduction of Java EE 6 made it easier to develop enterprise applications based on standards without the need to rely on proprietary frameworks. With Java EE 7, this becomes even more evident. This session highlights the advantages of using a standards-based approach and demonstrates, step by step, the migration of an existing application based on the Spring Framework to a full-fledged Java EE 7 application.

Ivar Grimstad, Cybercom

18:10 Paus

18:20 Clojure for Java Developers

The fact that Clojure is a dialect of Lisp makes it feel completely alien to Java developers, and they miss the opportunity to learn this dynamic and functional programming language for the JVM. Clojure?s focus on immutability makes it very useful for concurrency. This presentation introduces Clojure in a way that feels natural to Java developers. By seeing how well Clojure interoperates with Java, you will learn how to take advantage of this wonderful language and still use all the frameworks and features of the JVM.

Jan Kronquist, Jayway

19:00 Paus

19:10 TBA



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