Tuesday 29 Jan 17:00

Specification by Example



LEVEL: Intermediate

User stories are widely used for defining requirements in agile projects. They are simple to understand and based on the agile principle of dialogue and cooperation. In practice, however, many find that they are difficult to work with. This was also the case for a team working on a large and strategically important software project in DSB.

The solution for this team was to add Specification by Example to the mix, an emerging practice for defining requirements and business-oriented functional tests. The result was requirements that were clear to the implementation team and a fully automated acceptance test suite. The project avoided the long debugging phase projects often end with and since the initial release the team has been able to make releases to production every week.

This lecture will explain the lessons learned during the two-year DSB project and along the way introduce Specification by example to the audience.

About the speaker

The speaker will be Martin Gildenpfennig. Martins mission is building better software faster. He is a partner in Ative, and helps development teams implement agile software development and improve their craftsmanship by teaching hands-on development practices such as iterative design and test-first


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