Thursday 03 Oct 17:30

The modern web

Lat55 meetup


LEVEL: Intermediate

We start with mingle with pizza and beer at 17.30

First presentation starts 18.00

What is in a (web) font?

Find out how it affects type rendering on different browsers and platforms, and how you can use that information to choose appropriate typefaces.

Bram Stein is a developer with a love for typography and design. He currently works on improving web fonts and web typography at Adobe Typekit. In his spare time he likes to work on open source projects.

The high resolution web

Designing for the modern web might be complicated. This presentation covers the techniques of today and tomorrow and is important for both designers, content managers and developers.

Patric Lanhed works for the Malmö office at DigitasLBi as a Front-end developer, and is always exited about experimenting with new technology.

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