Wednesday 06 Nov 17:30

Competence – Are we using it or losing it?

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We start with mingle with sandwich and beer at 17.30

Presentation starts at 18.00

Competence as competitive advantage is nothing new but more important than ever when new innovations are becoming more crucial to survive in the global market.

In parallel the workforce has been more agile and also competing in the global market.

Knowledge-intensive companies also tend to be more project-oriented, establishing temporary organizations to develop new products or services, exploring new markets or creating new ways of doing business.

How are we utilizing our competence in a fast-moving environment with an agile workforce led by project managers that are not involved in the strategy process?

Are we using the competence or are we losing it?

Strategic Competence Management is about connecting the organization’s strategy with the individuals’ competence. Strategic Competence Management is a bidirectional process to secure that acquired competence is in line with the strategy as well as that existing competence influences the strategy. Core competence is organizational, competence is individual.

However, this is a challenge if we are running projects focusing on project goals that not are connected to the company’s competence goal, and with project managers disconnected from long-term business strategy.

Projects are one of the best arenas for competence development, in projects we can see real competence leaps. Projects are challenging our knowledge and force us to learn and develop.

HRM Competence Management practices need to be aligned with projects in such way that we secure that we:

- select appropriate project team members

- develop them in line with the long-term strategic goal

- we measure performance during projects

- after the project, take good care of the competence that they acquired

Using or losing the competence is crucial in knowledge-intensive organizations where the correct competence is the competitive advantage.

This seminar takes a practical approach to this dilemma and connects experience with research in the area. It is open for everyone who is working in project environments independent if you are team member, project manager, manager or HR.


Rolf Medina, Senior Business Consultant at Quini AB and Researcher, will bring us through a way to connect long-term business directions with how to manage competence in projects. Rolf has more than 20 years of experience from managing organizations and projects in knowledge-intensive industries and is currently doing a research in Strategic Competence Management in project-oriented organizations, and he combines the theoretical approach with a practical model in Strategic Competence Management.

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