Thursday 21 Nov 17:30

User Story: The Wonderful Soup Stone

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate


How did an index card – with a hardly readable handwritten note – become the inspiration of the most popular way of describing Agile Requirements?

This story of the User Story – from Story Cards to Product Backlog Items and Story Maps - is Inspired by the Soup Stone Folk story.

What ingredients were added? And is the result as filling and nutritious as a good hot Autumn soup? Or is it more like a light appetizer?

The Epilog will take us on a picnic with a famous inventor – who realizes how some inventions can lead to… reinventions…

So if you like stories: User Stories, Folk Stories, or Gyro Gearloose Stories – come and join us for soup and story telling on this dark November evening.


Gertrud Bjørnvig has experienced and used different requirement and analysis techniques for years: From traditional numbered requirements as part of a fixed scope contract – to the dynamic Product Backlog in a Scrum context. From Structured Analysis to Use Cases and User Stories.

Gertrud is independent and business responsible for “Gertrud & Cope” – a small family business with an international profile focused on Lean Architecture, Scrum, and Organizational Patterns. She is co-author of the book “Lean Architecture for Agile Software Development”. Gertrud & Cope organizes the yearly Scrum Patterns event “ScrumPLoP”.

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