Monday 11 Nov 17:30

Ontology of ontology: undercover Semantic Web

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

Welcome to an interesting evening with talks and discussions between data consumers, data publishers, developers, data miners, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Oleg Mirzov will present how Semantic Web technologies are used at Capish Nordic AB.

There will be time for introductions (Lightnings Talks) and discussions after Oleg's presentation. Ideas about topics/presentation/presenters for future events are appreciated!

We will start with mingle, pizza and beer.

Presentation starts at 18.00

We shall look at the use of the Semantic Web technology stack at Capish Nordic AB - a Malmö-based company offering a service of transforming tabular data to a proprietary graph database Capish, which helps users to make sense of, pool and analyze their (legacy) data.

The data transformation machinery must fulfill a few key requirements:

* Have access to a controlled vocabulary, aka data schema, aka Capish Ontology

* Be able to formulate data conversions and mappings in terms of the vocabulary entities

* The conversions must not break or become invalid because of simple vocabulary updates such as term renaming

As we shall see, the requirements have been successfully met by using RDF, OWL, SPARQL, and a triple store - the core Semantic Web technologies - as a data layer for both the data transformation machinery and the vocabulary editing software.

For dessert, we shall admire the expressivity of OWL by formulating the Zebra Puzzle (a rather famous logic puzzle also known as Einstein's problem) with it, and then solving the puzzle instantly with an OWL reasoner.

About Oleg Mirzov:

Originally a physicist (got a PhD in Lund in 2008), Oleg always liked data processing, and then developed an interest in formal knowledge representation, namely, ontologies. This predetermined a serious change in career, and for the last 5 years now he has been working with data conversions and development of ETL tools and data analysis software.

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