Monday 25 Nov 18:30

#include optimization with IWYU



LEVEL: Intermediate

We have moved this event, 1 hour so that everybody can participate in the event Creating Candy Crushc++folk meetings are aimed at sharing experiences and knowledge.We start from a presentation on a topic and follow up with facilitated discussion. Facilitation ensures everybody gets a chance to comment, ask questions and voice opinions.#include optimization with IWYU (Include What You Use)As C++ codebases grow larger, it gets increasingly difficult to keep track of #include dependencies. This has a number of detrimental effects including slower builds, unnecessary re-builds and fewer reuse and refactoring opportunities.Include-what-you-use is an opinionated tool that helps optimize the #include graph to minimize these problems.


Kim Gräsman is a developer on the project and will try to explain the benefits, details and challenges of Include-what-you-use.Join the Google-group cppfolk for discussion.

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