Tuesday 17 Dec 17:30

Passion For Projects - evening edition

PMI mini Conference


LEVEL: Intermediate

Technology, Innovation and Leadership

Two tracks. Four talks. Pick and let yourself be inspired!

Cybercom together with Project Management Institute (PMI) Sweden Chapter invites you to take a break from X-mas preparations!

Passion For Projects 2014 Conference is coming up, and we would like to give you a small taste of it.

Take the opportunity to join us for an evening full of inspirational seminars. Share and discuss experiences with our talented speakers and representatives from Cybercom, PMI and Passion For Projects.


- Registration, mingle, drinks and snacks


- Welcome speach and host presentations


1) Project Office Toolbox, methods and tools for IT-projects - Magnus Månsson, PMP Cybercom

2) STPLN, challenges and opportunities in a culture project setup - Caroline Lundholm, Operation Manager STPLN Malmö


- Mingle with sandwich & beer


1) The importance of good requirement handling in a project - Mikael Rosquist, Test Lead Cybercom

2) Leading nonprofit organizations. How to invoke passion trough a pat on the back and a T-shirt - Ann Carlssson, PMP 9th EUROGYM 2014


- Wrap up

Registration is for the whole evening. The event is for free. Sandwich, beer, coffee and snacks will be served.

Participation = 2 PDUs for PMI cert members


Passion for Projects

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