Wednesday 22 Jan 08:00

Must software architecture erode over time?

Breakfast seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

Free breakfast seminar on how to get on top of your architecture in large software projects

“This seminar introduces the Dependency Structure Matrix (DSM). It is a technology to visualize architecture and dependencies of complex systems.

For software, this means that even for systems with 1,000 files or 10,000 objects it is possible to get an overview in a few minutes.

This means that you can quickly locate unwanted dependencies, code that needs refactoring, or understand how the test work will be affected by a program change.

Speaker is Mark Grice, Director at Lattix. He will show you how you can:

• use the DSM to understand your architecture, even when it differs significantly from the originally intended

• Quickly identify opportunities to break unwanted dependencies and improve the architecture by rearranging the code

• use only a few rules to prevent future erosion of the architecture

• understand the impact of changes, also across different builds”

Who should partake? Systems and software architects. System owners, Test managers that wants to understand impact of changes on test, and anyone faced with the problem to understand the actual architecture of a given system, or need to decide whether an existing project can be maintained or needs refactoring.

The seminar will be held in English.

This seminar is held in co-operation between Lattix and



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