Tuesday 07 Jan 17:30

How NodeJS can be used

Node Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

Show and tell

We start this group off with a show and tell from some of the participants to inspire and teach how NodeJS can be used in different ways. The organizers will show some things they have done and if time allows, you can contribute as well. After some mingle we will also discuss where we want to take this group in the future and if there is some special topic that the attendees are interested in.

Drop a message in the facebook group if you want to hold a presentation (5-15 minutes)

17:30 Presentation by organizers

18:30 Pizza and mingle

19:00 Extra talks and discussions on how to take this user group further

Node Malmö

We bring users of NodeJS in the Öresund region together to share and teach what they have encountered when it comes to this wonderful new technology. Beginners and seniors alike, we encourage all attendees to contribute to the group in the form of lightning talks.

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