Monday 27 Jan 17:30

Inaugural meeting for functional programming developer group

(funk :öresund)


LEVEL: Intermediate

Functional programming is both one of the oldest and at the same time one of the most exciting and fashionable programming paradigms today. At its core lies the notion of defining your programs very much like mathematical structures where you express the transforms you want to apply rather than describing your process step-by-step. Also, values are usually immutable, functions are first-class, and side-effects are limited and/or contained in special constructs. What are the benefits of this? Why is it so much fun to program in this way? How can this style be used in different languages? How can this style interact in a good way with other ways of structuring programs? What implications does it have for interacting with databases?

To explore these questions and more there is now the perfect forum (funk :öresund). A new user group about functional programming and its environment in all forms.

Inaugural meeting

Welcome to our inaugural meeting 27 january 17:30!

17:30 Socializing

18:00 Presentation of Domain - a functional persistence framework for Clojure and MongoDB

18:30 Pizza and beer

19.00 Open stage

19:30 Open question forum

20:00 Topic for next meeting

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