Friday 25 Jan 07:30

Crash course for software product managers in early requirements triage.



LEVEL: Intermediate

We will start with breakfast between 07.30-08.00 the presentation continues until 09.00. For attendees that would like to know more will we have Q&A from 09.00 onwards.



A software product manager (SPM) in his daily business deals with a large amount and continuous flow of requirements, from different external and internal stakeholders, which threaten to overload the development organization. The SPM needs to analyze and perform trade-off between requirements to dictate long-term versus short-term product development, as well as the ability to balance functional requirements with non-functional aspects such as architectural longevity and maintainability. Thus, the SPM has to take into account different aspects while selecting requirements.

During the seminar, it is discussed how the strategic and technical perspectives can be combined to formulate product strategies that are good-enough for early requirements triage and selection. A Method for Early Requirements Triage and Selection (MERTS) is presented.

The method has two main purposes. First, it acts as a stepwise guide to creating product strategies taking both strategic and technical views into account. Secondly, the strategies resulting from MERTS can be used by managers to perform requirements triage, in essence selecting the “right” requirements for realization. Practical use of the method is exemplified along with the discussion on usability and usefulness of the method.

Speaker’s introduction

Mahvish Khurum

Mahvish Khurum is a post-doctoral researcher in Software Engineering at the School of Computing at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) in Sweden. She received her PhD degree in Strategic Software Engineering in 2011.

Mahvish’s research area is Strategic Software Engineering, which touches both software engineering and industrial technology and management. She is also working with practical innovation. Her industry collaborators include Ericsson Karlskorna, IBM Sweden and QTema Sweden. Mahvish Khurum is also a personal member of International Software Product Management Association (

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