Tuesday 04 Feb 17:30

Deploying & Hosting

Node Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

For many people, the first contact with Node is to write the “Hello World” web server described on the website. One of the most natural questions after that is “How do I now deploy this to a production server and host it in the best way?”. As usual in the land of Node, there is no one single best answer. So come to this meetup and hear different people talk about the solutions they have used for hosting Node applications and how they have worked out.

Have you hosted a Node application somewhere? Was it a success or a failure? Please let us know through our Facebook group. We would love to hear you to talk about it at the meet up.

17:30 – Lightning talks ~18:30 and forwards – Pizza and mingle

Node Malmö

We bring users of NodeJS in the Öresund region together to share and teach what they have encountered when it comes to this wonderful new technology. Beginners and seniors alike, we encourage all attendees to contribute to the group in the form of lightning talks.

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