Thursday 06 Feb 17:30


Lat55 meetup


LEVEL: Intermediate


We will begin with meet, greet and Pizza/beer at 17.30

Presentation starts at 18.00

Making security fun, Siren Hofvander

Security work has a reputation of being both difficult and time consuming, this presentation will prove that it is neither. We will begin på focusing on what security work actually involves and ending with some practical steps and tips to keep security work in all the work that you do.

Siren Hofvander has a masters degree in information security and works as an application security expert at Verisure. In her daily work she is responsible for designing and with the help of various teams implement the companys security strategy. Albeit highly technical, a big part of her work is still focused on the “soft values” of software development, making people think security is fun, necessary and something you should invest time and energy into. On her spare time, Siren does volunteer IT-security work for non-profits and enjoys spending time with her family, friends and dogs.

WebStorm demo, Anders Rinqvist

Autodidact frontend dev, web standards zealot and believer in beautiful code. if ( !doingItFor( tehLulz ) ) { break; }

Talkative JavaScript, Balázs Suhajda

Voice recognition services are becoming ever more popular on mobile devices, but in the browser this requires an external service. Until now! This presentation will give a short introduction speech synthesis and recognition coming to browsers near you. (Presentation in english)

Balázs Suhajda is a Hungarian interface developer consultant living in Malmö. He is the co-founder of Sweden’s first Open Device Lab in central Malmö, He has great interest in front-end development and related technologies with special focus on mobile devices and usability.

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