Tuesday 26 Feb 17:30

Getting started with Ruby on Rails development

Evening Course


LEVEL: Intermediate

This course will be moved to a new date, we will inform you shortly when it will start.

Instead of the classic 1-day course intensive, this new 2-evening series will take place over the course of a week and include homework. This scheduling benefits the attendee by allowing time for the first evening's material to process in the one's mind. The homework given helps ideas to develop, and the course then finishes with the second evening of course material, consolidating and deepening the knowledge and skilled gained.

Ruby on Rails is a web framework renowned for its ease of use and flexibility. It’s very easy to get started with, and comes with a huge ecosystem of well-crafted plugins. The Rails community is also very creative and leads the way in many new practices in web development and software engineering. Sites like Twitter, Groupon and GitHub were built with Rails.

In this fast-paced course, we’ll learn about the basic components that make up a Rails app. Rails contains a lot of “magic” that makes it extremely easy to use. We’ll learn to enjoy the magic, but also to understand what’s going on behind the scenes. Participants will build a simple todo list web app (yay!) during the course, and as part of their homework assignment.

After completing the course, you’ll know your way around a Rails app and will be able to start building your own next killer web site!

Our tutor, Felix Holmgren, has been working with Ruby for several years, and is currently doing Rails development at TopVisible.


• Web programming experience (Spring, Drupal, GAE, Wordpress, ASP, plain PHP...) It’s not enough to know how to set up and use a CMS like Wordpress. Participants must be comfortable with at least one programming language -- but can be total Ruby noobs.

• A laptop with Ruby >=1.9 installed. (Windows users: contact us in advance so we can make sure you’re good to go before the course.)

• If you’re an experienced front-end developer (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and up for a challenge, you’re also welcome onboard!

What you’ll learn:

• Background: what Rails is (and isn’t) good for. Lightning introduction to Ruby.

• Basic anatomy of a Rails app, understanding MVC with a Rails twist.

• Scaffolding magic: creating your first Rails app in 2 minutes.

• Understanding routing and the Controller – handling different kinds of request.

• Understanding the View – generating HTML, accessing data, keeping it simple.

• Understanding the Model – how ActiveRecord wraps your database.

• More about data access – associations, migrations and chained queries.

• Behavior-driven development with RSpec.

• Creating a user registration and login layer.

• Making AJAX requests to your Rails backend.

• Deploying our app to Heroku for free!

The course includes documentation, coffee/tea and sandwich.


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