Friday 07 Mar 16:30

Refactoring for Conceptual Integrity



LEVEL: Intermediate


We are honored to have Aslam Khan as guest speaker at this special ØSCG event that takes place on Friday March 7 - a perfect ending of your work week.


16.30 - Meet, greet and beer

17.00 - Presentation

17.30 - More beer and discussions

18.00-ish Summary

Refactoring for Conceptual Integrity

Abstract: We refactor smelly code so that it becomes clean. That is what I call pathological refactoring - getting rid of the disease in our code. I found aiming for clean code alone left me in an unbalanced state, and I really don't like living life on extreme edges. The question then is what can I use to balance this focus on refactoring for clean code? I've found that refactoring for conceptual integrity gives me that balance. And life is so much nicer closer to the centre.

Aslam Khan

Aslam is an African software developer, by birth, by choice and for life. He believes that all of software is just design and values code as an expression of design. The same goes for architecture too - it's all design. The one thing he has learnt, though, is that design is hard, very, very hard, because achieving a harmonious balance is difficult. That is the challenge - finding an equilibrium in all that we do.

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