Thursday 13 Mar 17:30

Application Monitoring

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate


We will begin with meet, greet and something to eat and drink at 17.30

The presentation starts at 18.00

To trace and analyze your application during development is important and, today, easy to do with all the builtin tools in all the major IDE:s. But, to trace and analyze an application in the wild, deployed to thousands of devices over several separate networks is a whole other ballgame. Yet, this is where your application is put to the test and it gets worse when you update to a newer version. “Did it get any faster?”, “Did new types of errors appear?”, “Why is network traffic increasing?”

NewRelic is one of the only cloud based services that span all of the major development platforms. Azure, iOS, Android, NodeJS, .NET and so on. This makes cross-platform testing so easy to perform, even though your application is spread over several hosts and several platforms. During the session we will create and deploy an application on Azure Mobile Services (WAMS) using an iOS-application as a client and monitor both on NewRelic.


Paul Ulvinius (@paululvinius on Twitter) is an architect at Stratiteq in Malmö.

He has been developing Web and LOB-applications for 15 years and has a passion for exploring new technologies and concepts.

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