Tuesday 22 Apr 17:30

Mobile - Test

3x UG meetup


LEVEL: Intermediate

This is a meet up with ConTest, Google Developer Group and Cocoa Heads together, to talk about testing in a mobile context. Everyone who is interested in testing on mobile devices is welcome.

The format will follow the one used by the ConTest user group. The theme is mobile testing. Anyone who wants to can prepare a short (max 5 min.) presentation, a lightning talk. At the start all presentations are gathered and prioritised. After each lightning talk there is a moderated discussion with the opportunity to deep dive into the subject until we are satisfied or filled the time slot.

The moderation of the discussion ensures that everyone get to participate and that no one gets interrupted. The concept is similar to peer-conferences from Sweden as well as the rest of the world. Take this chance to interact with others that have another view on a topic that you care about.

17:30-18:00 Meet and Greet

18:00-18:30 First part

18:30-19:00 Food

19:00-20:30 Second part

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Registration by sending an email to michael.tiberg@foocafe.org

Due to problem with simplesignup.se you need to register via email.

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