Monday 07 Apr 18:00

Tzatziki: A Work Organization Simulation Game

AW Workshop


LEVEL: Intermediate

What does Tzatziki have to do with Innovative Work Organization?

Tzatziki is a work organization simulation game – using different work organization designs for simple food preparation. This is work organization that is transformed into theater.

Four work teams follow dramatically different sets of work rules based on the Demand/Control model. Participants develop hands-on, practical experience of innovation, stress, motivation, output, creative collaboration, boredom, frustration that is more powerfully understood and useful than the most enlightening lecture.


Theoretical concepts behind the work organization’s affects on worker wellbeing and output are discussed in the debriefing group after the game. The result of the work performed by the teams clearly proves that innovative output, quality of work and quantitative productivity are affected by the different work organization designs.


Robert Karasek, PhD, is a specialist in psychosocial aspects of work stress and innovative work redesign. He has been faculty member at Columbia University, University of Massachusetts Lowell (Work Environment), and emeritus professor at Copenhagen University (Psychology).

He is author of the Demand/Control model of work organization effects on health and learning, the author of globally used psychosocial job stress questionnaire (JCQ), has published many peer-reviewed articles, has authored the often-utilized book, Healthy Work, and has received an American Psychological Assoc. Lifetime Career Achievement Award.

He is Director of Øresund Synergy, a new work organization competency pool in Denmark and Sweden.

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