Tuesday 29 Apr 17:30

Why do Apps fail?

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We will begin with meet and greet at 17.30

First presentation starts at 17.45

We will have a break for food and drinks at 18.30-ish

Learnings from past, mistakes to avoid and points to pick up

This event will be focusing on why apps fail and why it's so hard to make motivational apps. We will take a deeper look on business model, how to get users and how to make them use your app - all the time.

Magnus Robertsson will present his experience from Planeto and the Quiz Battle game. He will try to answer why it was exceptional successful in Denmark but failed in the other nordic countries.

Anders Gran, from ustwo, will focus on why a valid service and business model is more important than the app itself.

We have also invited experienced people to the discussion after the presentation. People from Global Happiness Organization, Doost and Region Skåne.

After this event we hope that you got a good insight on what a successful app needs to have a chance to succeed.

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