Monday 28 Apr 17:30

Big Bad DoS

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We will begin with meet and greet

Presentation will start at 17.45

Break for something to eat and drink will take place 18.30-ish


Security is perhaps the field in IT most shrouded in mystery yet the one which recieves the most media attention. Videos with masked hackers using computer generated voices threatening to destroy websites unless certain actions are taken are common place and it's hard to seperate fact from fiction. In the media the hacker is always the masked genius, exploiting some clever trick, doing millions in damage with the stroke of key. In tonights talk we will cover some of the myths of security, what is, and isn't possible and how to tell the difference. We will talk through the fabled denial of service attack and attempt to shine light on how it's used and what can be done to stop it, if anything.


Siren Hofvander has a masters degree in information security and works as an application security expert at Verisure. In her daily work she is responsible for designing and with the help of various teams implement the companys security strategy. Albeit highly technical, a big part of her work is still focused on the “soft values” of software development, making people think security is fun, necessary and something you should invest time and energy into. On her spare time, Siren does volunteer IT-security work for non-profits and enjoys spending time with her family, friends and dogs.

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