Monday 02 Jun 17:30

Node.js – the future of REST API development?

Node Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

We begin with meet and greet at 17.30

Presentation starts at 17.45

Pizza and beer break will take place at 18.30-ish


A web with ever more data, with ever more services consuming and exposing that data and a landscape with ever more powerful browers – the REST API is becoming a central piece of every modern web service. No matter if your front-end framework of choice is Angular or Ember. No matter if you're building a platform to rival Facebook's or just a small tool to help no one but yourself. The API is increasingly likely to become the heart of your application, and getting it right will be crucial to your success.

Enter Node.js – one of the strong contenders amongst platforms that want to improve your API. Join Hugo Wetterberg, head of API development at up and coming social media powerhouse Bloglovin, as he guides us through their utilization of Node.js in Bloglovin's new API. Find out what Node.js does that others don't and why you should be paying attention. API:s are central to the future of the web and Hugo will show us why Node.js might be central to the future of API:s.

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