Thursday 12 Jun 17:30

Enterprise Architecture at Home

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

- a microservices solution for my heater

We will begin at 17.30 with meet and greet

Presentation will start at 17.45 - We will have a break at 18.30-ish with Pizza and beer.


Mikael is the quintessential programmer. As a house owner it makes perfect sense for him to spend a decade logging the performance of his heater. His trials and tribulations is a tour de force of bleeding edge architectures from the past to the very present.

He will show us how the successes and failures lead up to a microservice architecture that you would normally only find in enterprises - not in a basement. As such it is a perfect and very concrete example to examine the pros and cons of a modern architecture with independently deployable services.


Mikael Nilsson is a software developer with a long and solid experience in software development - for more than three decades. He has been working with everything from industrial automation to banking systems. Come spare time, he can’t stop programming and therefore keep several side projects to keep up with new and interesting technologies.

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