Thursday 05 Jun 17:30

Camera Remote API & SmartWatch 2

Lat55 meetup


LEVEL: Intermediate


Hello Camera Remote API

During this session you will learn how to develop remote control apps for a number of Sony cameras, including Sony Action cams, Sony Alpha cameras and Lens Style cameras - such as the Lens Style Camera QX10.

We will go through the required steps and show you how to connect your

smartphone or tablet to the Sony cameras over Wi-Fi to establish a one-to-one connection. Your app will then start working as a client and you will be able to call the APIs.

This session will also address some new features that will be introduced in an upcoming update of the Camera Remote API beta SDK with even more APIs - like shutter speed functionality, white balance and ISO settings.

Speaker: James Newnorth

What you can do with SmartWatch 2

This session will introduce the features of SmartWatch2 and show you how to easily start developing your Android application with SmartWatch 2 support.

Here’s a developer story with the AR.Drone 2.0 controlled by SmartWatch 2:

Speakers: Peter Bartos and Jonas Hellström

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