Thursday 17 Jan 19:00

Version control and HTML5



LEVEL: Intermediate


19.00 - Welcome to CopenhagenJS 2013

19.20 - Telling a story about Version Control

20.20 - HTML5, where are we at?

21.00 - Networking

Telling a Story about Version Control

A story on how version control can be used to improve your own workflow, your collaboration with others and your ability to debug.

This talk uses git as a tool, but many of the concepts are generally applicable across other version control systems.

Speaker - Peter Müller

Senior Frontend Engineer @FalconSocial, Javascript hacker, frontend gibbertiwooper and social geekspeeker

HTML5, where are we at?

We heard a lot about HTML5. We know what's in the specifications, and everyone agrees: It's the future, but where are we at? I'm gonna talk about how far have gone since 2004. What does a "modern browser" mean and what's possible these days? Which problems are facing with today's tooling and platform. Where are we headed, and what's going on in W3C and WHATWG

Speaker - Kenneth Auchenberg

I make stuff happen in the browser you didn't think was possible. Startup-web-ninja at @Podio, and @copenhagenjs organizer



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