Friday 12 Sep 18:00

International Coaching Course

Master Class


LEVEL: Intermediate

This is a coaching course for everyone who wants to learn how to use coaching in their current projects and teams or turn coaching into their profession.

Our aim is that after the course you will be able to help people as an internationally certified coach achieve sustainable results by applying the coaching approach and toolbox informally at work or with your friends and family. And with yourself.

The Certification has two parts: 1 weekend (30 hours) and 19 online videos with Daniel Sá Nogueira.


Friday September 12 - 18.00 - 22.00

- Types of coaching

- Definitions of coaching

- Coaching methodology ROSA 1.0

- Different modes of coaching (formal, informal, self coaching)

- Coaching Presuppositions

Saturday September 13 - 09.00 - 22.00

- Coaching 2.0

- Exploring different kinds of clients

- Mapping reality of client issue

- Defining clear and inspiring objectives

- Creating paradigm shifting solutions

- Using creativity in problem solving

- Getting from solutions to action

- 11 key coaching values

- Introduction to rapport: How to generate trust and influence

- Assessing coaching impact using results model

Sunday September 14 - 09.00 - 22.00

- Advanced rapport model with 5 levels and related techniques Key human psychology


- Eight human motivators

- Empowering beliefs

- Emotional Patterns

- Coaching language

- Key coaching techniques

- Ethics of coaching

- Preparing for 1st coaching session

- The certification process

- Professional coaching practicalities

The course includes a significant amount of practice.

Over 40% of the course is focused on practice individually, in pairs and in groups supervised by a team of WeCreate certified assistants. The certification process includes coaching two people for 6 sessions each after the training course plus some additional study/reflection tasks.

After finishing part 1 and part 2 of the course and our certification process you will be certified by the WeCreate International Coaching Program

WeCreate International is one of the world greatest educational institutions in Coaching Certifications, forming and certifying hundreds of Coaches and MasterCoaches per year in 4 different continents.

Your Master Coach Trainers are among the most recognized coaches in Europe and some of the most internationalized coaching trainers in the world. Together they run events for thousands of students each year, based on two bestselling books “Coach Your Life” & “The 11th Commandment”

Training Coaches in 36 countries in 4 continents, both in corporate settings as well as open to the general public since 1998 counting amongst their clients: Repsol, FNAC, IKEA, McDonalds, REMAX, ERA, Vorwerk, Holmes Place, Levi’s, MSD, BCG among many others on a local level.

Pauliina Hallama (WCO Master Coach Trainer) is an experienced trainer, successful entrepreneur in Finland/Sweden and is an expert in behavioral sciences, leadership and communication. Training over 600 people during the last years in different organizational contexts, Pauliina is coaching several clients Europe-wide and running international coaching courses and workshops in Finland, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden.

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